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The best gauge for thyroid issues is a comprehensive physical and a trial of thyroid hormone, whether T4 only meds or preferably naturally desiccated thyroid or T3+T4 compound. I have thinning outer third eyebrows, slight myxedema in my upper arms, fatigue, a tendency for depression and anxiety/stress sensitivity, occasional insomnia issues, and a few other symptoms. I responded well to low dose levothyroxin in 2012, then was stupidly taken off the med by another doc (causing me to spiral downward given a stress related incident that likely increased reverse T3 and lowered free T3 as a result even more).

18 points submitted 1 month agoExtremely promising because quality of life is the highest? What about climate change? What about the fact that capitalism and growth based economies will eventually reach a limit (and are already stagnating)? What about the fact that high centralization has often been followed by collapse like the late bronze age collapse or the fall of the roman empire? Specially if a global society (or highly connected international community) is dependent on complex trade routes and commerce (during the bronze age it was copper and tin trade, in contemporary society it oil trade)IMO there are obvious signs that world society is already starting to slowly collapse. Just look at how wages have stagnated for the last couple of decades while inflation, productivity and profits have risen. Just look at how we are forced to work more hours and even during our free time and how a single person simply can earn enough to raise a family anymore.

My daughters both felt that he should go to jail, but that he should be allowed to play in the NFL because, “It’s not like he did anything against the football rules or anything” and “Well, isn’t that what he’s good at?”Again, they have a point. Part of our judicial system is supposed to be rehabilitation to make felons productive members of society again. Burress can be most productive making millions playing football.

Classroom sizes have increased. It’s finally coming to a head. Why is this the example you used? In this example we are literally seeing a few decades of ‘do more work, with no increase in resources or money’ turn into strikes, failing districts, political rift, calls for action in the worse off areas..

Naturally, colleges and universities want the most capable and hard working students. Therefore, in the belief that failing to take an AP course may hurt their college prospects, students reluctantly pass up more interesting, more engaging and potentially more intellectually transformative and rewarding courses. Because these tests loom so large for students, faculty often feel pressed to sacrifice in depth inquiries to cover all of the material likely to be included on the test..

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